CEA undertakes several projects which are aimed at ensuring an environmental friendly now and future. The projects are as follows

1.Sustainable Clean Energy

2.Hazardous Waste Watch

3.Environmental stewardship

4.Disaster risk reduction


Sustainable Clean Energy Entrepreneurship


“We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all.” The inefficient production and use of biomass for household fuel usage leads to deforestation and natural resource degradation, which contributes to climate change and affects the livelihoods of millions of women who live in or near forests and who rely on forests for subsistence and incomes.

Barclays Sustainable Clean Energy Entrepreneurship Program


Under Hazardous waste watch we have this project called the
Environmental Stewardship

Eco-Champs-Champions for the Environment

The Eco-Champ Program is a partnership of Barclays Bank and the Centre for Environmental Action. The program is carefully tailored to engage pupils at a very early age in environmental conservation as well as their civic responsibilities as citizens. The program is run through established Eco-Champ Clubs (Environmental Clubs) in selected schools throughout Kenya. The club activities are centered on the establishment of school tree nurseries, planting of trees and advocacy work for greener, cleaner, healthier and prosperous communities.  The program seeks to inculcate changes in attitudes, values and ethics that support sustainable environmental practices and enhance long-term social economic development in Kenya.Teachings and club activities compliment existing schools’ curriculum in social and natural sciences. Pupils are required to engage in tree nursery husbandry and learn about the environment particularly on forests and their ecology. Those pupils who do well are awarded points that count towards their elevation within Eco-Champs Classification from an Eco-Champ level 1 to level 3.

Students and their teachers are honored for their environmental efforts at the annual Eco-Champ camp, where they meet and interact with other environmental enthusiasts from all over the country.

Informed by the principle of investing in youth to act as positive agents of change, the program is committed to engaging and informing young pupils about their responsibility to protect and conserve the environment. This would require a change of attitudes, values and ethics towards the environment making them environmental stewards in their schools and communities. Furthermore the program encourages and promotes self-reliance and civic responsibility towards a positive and productive citizenry. Additionally, the program seeks to allow pupils to enjoy and have fun as they explore their environment through various community service endeavors and projects. Read More >>>>>>